Cat rescue and transport. Operation Fluff is completed!

Sue and I do cat rescue and just drove eight fluffy rescue cats from L.A. and points north to Maine Coon Adoption in Oakland where they will no doubt quickly be adopted. I dubbed our drive Operation Fluff.

Rescue groups work with each other. We started with one cat from Cat Connection L.A., then picked up four more along the way on I-5 that Maine Coon Adoption had arranged for.

We got three more at Cat House on the Kings, which currently has 800 cats living often outdoors in a fenced area on the Kings River. They had especially gotten one cat for us the day before at a local kill shelter. Had they not gotten her, that cat would probably have been put down by today.

Maine Coons are big fluffy cats. That’s why all the cats we transported are fluffy. The Silicon Valley area and much of the S.F. Bay area is still booming economically so it’s much easier to place cats there than elsewhere.

And they were surprisingly peaceful during the drive. yes, you can easily fit eight cat carriers with cats and luggage in a Ford Escape.