LNG trucks doing long distance hauls now

Dillon Transport LNG truck. Source: Dillon Transport Inc. via Bloomberg

Carriers like Ryder System Inc. are buying long-haul trucks that run on natural gas, around $1.50 a gallon cheaper than diesel.

Using natural gas could cut fuel costs by more than $20,000 for a truck traveling a typical long-haul distance of 100,000 miles a year

This could make a huge difference for independent truckers. That $20,000 is money in their pockets. I sometimes listen to Road Dog Trucking on Sirius. Their talk shows often discuss in-depth the various ways to increase mileage. Even one extra mile per gallon can make the difference between profit and loss. Saving $1.50 per gallon would be gigantic for them. For this to happen, we need natural gas fueling stations near all the interstates at truck stops.

Dillon Transport, a long haul trucking company, is also using LNG trucks.

A new liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling station built, owned and operated by Clean Energy Fuels Corp. has opened in Seville, Ohio to support the expanding fleet of LNG trucks deployed by major contract freight carrier Dillon Transport serving Owens Corning. Also available 24/7 for public access, the station is located… on property owned by Pilot Flying J Truck Travel Centers.


  1. I don’t know much about the construction of these vehicles, I just hope that their tanks can withstand a crash between to very heavy vehicles going at speed?

  2. What if we could eliminate the need for fuel entirely? I mean we’ll always need energy to make things move and do what we want them to, but it just seems that by trading gasoline for LNG that we’re basically putting LNG in the same boat at oil is. That eventually it will be expensive due to supply and demand and as it’s used up more and more it will be harder to find big enough deposits of it to meet supply and possible so scarce that we not be able to find much of it anymore. We need a solution like magnetic generators that basically require nothing beyond initial start up because they generate excess energy beyond what they need to keep moving to generate electricity. The problem is if everybody has their own power generators then big energy companies will have to get with the times and shut down most of their energy plants. Listen there are many industries that have gone the way of the Dodo. If there is hope for the future of humankind, we need to stop holding on to living in the ways of the past.

    • We’ll always need fuel. One reason there’s been a big push to LNG is enormous amounts of natural gas have been found recently.

  3. Sure and remember when enormous deposits of oil were discovered some decades ago and how those enormous deposits today are all drying up because it’s being pumped out and consumed? I’m just saying that we need to go beyond renewable fuels for a sustainable future that is becoming more and more technology based and requires more and more power. magnetic generators seem to be the answer. Imagine not having to pay for energy every again. No gasoline, no burning coal, no nuclear waste, no environmental impact, no power lines running everywhere outside, no filling up. Everybody would either drive a car or be using a segway that could travel anywhere as it never needed to be charged.

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