California legislators clueless on mountain lion hunting

40 Democratic legislators in California want the head of the Fish and Game Commission to resign because he killed a mountain lion legally in Idaho.

Veteran Sacramento Bee reporter Dan Walters slams this idiocy.

Mountain lion hunting is illegal in California, thanks to a ballot measure approved by voters in 1990. It is, however, not illegal for mountain lions to hunt human beings, as several attacks attest.

Burp. I guess it’s ok to not cull mountain lion population in California even if they eat little Timmy and Fido because doing so would just somehow be wrong and not organic and crispy green or something. Maybe they could ask a rancher whose livestock has been killed by mountain lions his opinion on how wonderful they are.

Walters then details the massive hypocrisy of the legislature on other issues, making for a good read indeed.

[This is] the sort of hypocritical, politically correct claptrap for which the Legislature has become justly infamous.