Gunwalking known outside of ATF

Other law enforcement agencies, to their credit, actively tried to stop the gunwalking.

“In 2009, 2010, I became aware that ATF was walking guns into Mexico,” Coulson said. “I also learned that Homeland Security Investigations, then ICE, actually interceded on more than one occasion where they seized weapons at the ports of entry when they were heading southbound contrary to ATF’s plans.”

When they questioned it, they were told U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke in Arizona was in charge. Burke has resigned. If there’s any justice left in this country he should go to prison.

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry is dead and guns that ATF and Burke allowed to be smuggled into Mexico were found near him. Either Burke is an out-of-control goon who was trying to build a reputation for himself and didn’t care who got hurt or he was actively working for the cartels. There are no other explanations as far as I can tell.