Holder’s No. 2 in 2009: Gunwalking a ‘terrific idea’

It is now nonsensical to say Holder didn’t know.

The head of the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division and Attorney General Eric Holder’s highest-ranking deputy, Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer, called Operation Fast and Furious and gun walking a “terrific idea” in emails to now-former Acting Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Director Ken Melson back in late 2009, according a report released by Republican staff of the House Oversight Committee.

The Republicans will unquestionably (and rightfully) try to make gunwalking as well as Solyndra into major campaign issues. The gunwalking was so far beyond stupid that I question the integrity of anyone associated with it.

As for Solyndra, I have no problem with US investing in and supporting new technologies. I do have a big problem with the sweetheart deal the private investors in Solyndra got, especially since some are big contributors to the Democratic Party. That reeks.