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  1. What is happening in Syria is indeed horrifying in its brutality and suffering, but we would be naive to think that it wouldn’t happen here in the West. Any state faced with an armed insurrection will bring down the full force of its armoury. A little look at our own history will show that each of our states have put troops on the streets and have unleashed the amount of force they felt necessary to dispel the trouble. People have been killed on the streets of the UK, not to mention Northern Ireland and I’m sure if you take a look at American history you will find the same state force used when it deems it necessary for its survival. Perhaps we have not seen it to such a degree in our countries, again with the exception of Northern Ireland, but that was because the state managed to put it down, this says more about the determination and bravery of the those in Syria rather than show any difference between the various states.

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