Obama re-election could depend on Angela Merkel

The Blue Voice has a long thoughtful post on Obama’s re-election chances. They hope Obama will morph into a progressive as it would help him win.  Sure, if Obama supported the 99% in a major, serious, and uncompromising way he would be re-elected easily. But he’s shown little inclination to do that.

I don’t think either Newt or Willard Romney is Obama’s toughest opponent in the 2012 election. It’s Angie.

If German Chancellor Angela Merkel keeps successfully pushing through her austerity policies onto other eurozone lands, it’s going to make the European recession worse and very possibly set off a new round of financial crises. Those developments could worsen economic conditions in the US, something Obama and the Democrats don’t need politically.

Greece will default, and soon. Spain and Italy are wobbling badly. If the banksters try to force debtor nations to pay, there will be serious riots. If some nations leave the EU, there will be financial chaos. Obama’s re-election does indeed depend on what happens in Europe.

This is all the more reason for [The Obama Administration] to position themselves as advocates for the 99% and as rock-solid defenders of Social Security and Medicare.

That’ll happen ‘oink oink flap flap’ AKA when pigs fly. Hoping Obama will move towards defending the 99% is wishful thinking. Oh yes, we do get faux populism from him. But his actions are generally quite the opposite of his words.

Watch what Obama does, not what he says.