Germany’s power grid at limit of capacity

Germany wants 80% renewable energy by 2050 and needs a vastly expanded power grid to do it. But construction is way behind schedule and the grid, she canna take much more of this. The problem is compounded by Germany deciding to abandon nuclear power after the Fukushima disaster.

Renewable energy is distributed. It requires many more power lines and connections than traditional power. Plus, renewable energy is variable, thus adding stress to the grid.

A new design for power lines may help silence NIMBYs in Germany.

The architect rhapsodizes over the steel poles, saying the way they reflect sunlight will make them “almost invisible.”


    • We’ll still need wires. Power will still have to be transmitted. Distributed and locally-produced energy is certainly needed. But there’s no way a big office building or industrial complex can generate all the power it needs.

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