Real journalism. Irish reporter rips ECB evasions

This is what real Journalism looks like. Those of you in America might not recognize it:

In this video from a European Central Bank press-conference in Ireland, journalist Vincent Browne demands that the ECB representative explain why the ECB required the Irish people to bail out a bank’s uninsured creditors. The bureaucrat mouths bland reassurances, then asserts (despite all appearances to the contrary) that the question has been resolved. Browne doesn’t let up.

I can’t imagine any of the carefully coiffed MSM puffballs who masquerade as journalists here in the States attacking lies and evasions like Vincent Browne did. The difference is, Browne doesn’t want to be in the 1% club or enjoy the insider status of compliant journalists. This makes him immune from being corrupted, compromised, and castrated, like too many of our faux reporters are.