Rick Perry dropping out, endorses Gasbag Gingrich

If Gingrich somehow gets the nomination, Obama will be no doubt be overjoyed. The Gasbag has high negatives and more baggage than a big airport on a holiday weekend.

With Rick Perry dropping out, the tightening South Carolina Republican primary could concievably be won by the Gasbag.

Not that any of them are talking about issues or presenting new ideas. That would be so wrong.

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  1. Would a presidential candidate who is loosing the race for their party’s nomination ever endorse another candidate of another party? No. They are going to endorse a candidate of their own party to keep their party in power more than the other side. I think it’s about time that the Republican and Democratic party disband. We don’t need party lines. We need real world solutions where people come together for the common good, instead of power grabs.

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