The 2012 election, mediocrities all

Are these not the most pathetic bunch of gasbags ever running for president as Republicans? And Obama is a deliberately bland technocrat who never met a bankster he didn’t want to give billions to. The 2012 election looks to be a slime fest between, as Ralph Nader put it, “the evils of two lessers.”

The country is in trouble and desperately needs new ideas and actual leaders. It needs that ‘vision thing.’ But instead what we get is a sorry lot of co-opted amoral panderers to power. Feh.

This is what both the original Tea Party and OWS are about, fury and disgust at the slithering mediocrities who infest our national political scene and who cheerfully sell the country out to the banksters and the highest bidder, while mouthing platitudes and blaming the other party for everything.

Let’s bring the Arab Spring here. if they can do it, so can we.