What a war with Iran would mean

From Irgun veteran turned Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery.

Such a war would go far beyond the dimensions of the American invasions of Iraq or Afghanistan, perhaps even of Vietnam.

Is the bankrupt US up to it? Economically, politically and in terms of morale? The closing of the strait is the ultimate weapon. I don’t believe that the Iranians will use it against the imposition of sanctions, severe as they may be, as they have threatened. Only a military attack would warrant such a response.

Yet with warships from multiple countries heading to the straits, an attack, accidental, perceived, or otherwise, might be exactly what we get. The results of that could send oil to $150 a barrel and tank any chance of economic recovery here.

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  1. When on when will the American people realize we’re fighting a war paid for by the American people that benefits nobody but the oil companies.

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