Electoral political wasteland. Only one candidate is antiwar

Black Agenda Report

We know that we are in an electoral political wasteland when the only major party discussion of U.S. empire and endless warfare takes place in the Republican presidential primary.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who opposes US imperialism and the wars. The silence from Obama, the Democratic Party, and Democrats in Congress on ending adventurist wars that only profit arms dealers shows how craven and bought they are. The Republican candidates, except for Ron Paul, are even worse, foaming at the mouth with blood lust to go bomb something.

So how is that Ron Paul is the only candidate of either party talking about what most of the rest of the country already knows. The wars accomplish nothing and are bankrupting the country.


YouTube mashup of what some black people really think of Ron Paul instead of how many in the media portray his followers

And yes, I am quite aware that Ron Paul is Loony Tunes when it comes to other issues. But he is right about imperialism and the wars.


  1. Ron Paul is getting dumped on big time by the Liberal Establishment. He reminds them, uncomfortably, that Obama has been doing things that they used to scream about when Bush/Cheney did them. The idea of Paul gives them fits. If leftys play Republican for a Day and vote for Paul in a primary, they might just vote for a REAL anti-war candidate in November. There will be at least Jill Stein or Rocky Anderson to vote for without puking. Got to keep protest within the Democratic Party, y’know.

  2. The only candidate? He is probably the antiwar candidate with the best chance – in terms of organization, money, polling, etc – of winning the presidency in a LONG time. It’s really impressive and so healthy for our country’s politics. But there are plenty of antiwar candidates running – Darcy Richardson, who’s primarying Obama, or Jill Stein of the Green Party, or the other candidates competing for the Green nomination (who, like Kent Mesplay, have not been well-organized at all), Gary Johnson now of the Libertarian Party (and a few other Libertarian candidates like Lee Wrights, although it’s the same situation as the Greens, as far as I can tell).

    And I agree with Robert a lot. And I think if Ron Paul doesn’t win I think the Libertarians will see something of it.

    • My bad. He’s the only major party anti-war candidate! And the lack of organization in the Green and Libertarian Parties is a constant problem.

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