Biofuels 14x to 31x more costly than raising the gas tax

A study released by Oregon State University (OSU) economists indicates that the biofuels currently mandated and under production in Europe and the United States “barely reduce fossil fuel use and. . .likely increase greenhouse gas emissions.” They´re also 14 to 31 times more costly than taking other measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Well, this is disheartening. Maybe economies of scale and more research will drop the price of biofuel and cut GHG emissions as well.

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  1. I can believe a report that says biofuels are 14 to 31 percent more costly than using other methods to reduce GHG, but when that same report suggests that raising taxes on gas would be a less costly solution to reduce GHG it doesn’t seem like raising a few cents per gallon more would actually stop people from using their cars so much to actually reduce the amount of GHG sent into the air.

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