Arizona legislators push bill to allow guns on college campuses

In a move sure to be controversial and which has already received national attention, Arizona legislators have redrafted legislation to allow guns to be carried at public colleges and universities. Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a previous attempt, not because she was particularly opposed to the idea, but because it was unclear and murky. She hasn’t voiced an opinion on the new bill but is known to be pro-gun.

Existing Arizona gun law says colleges and universities can allow guns but, so far, none have done so. The new bill, which will be introduced when the legislature opens on Jan. 9, prohibits public universities and community colleges from banning concealed-carry (with a permit) and open carry on campus. Schools would be able to ban guns inside buildings but would need to provide gun lockers with keys if they do.

The bill is expected to pass in the Arizona legislature. It will then be Gov. Brewer’s decision whether or not to sign it into law.

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