Occupy Wall Street. Stand up for First Amendment tonight

Last night Occupy Wall Street’s (OWS) General Assembly (GA) was scheduled to be at 100 Williams Street in New York City. We’ve had a previous GA there with no problems but New York’s finest tramplers of civil rights were on hand to bar us from this explicitly public space. They forcibly removed the 50 to 75 people who had joined together that night, claiming it was “Private property” because the “guy in the building said so.” Pointing to the giant sign that clearly states 100 Williams St is a public space was of no help. We were pushed. We were threatened with arrest. We were bullied by Mayor Bloomberg’s army.

So, in OWS fashion, we have regrouped and are heading back to this public space to reclaim our right to peaceably assemble. Join us tomorrow night, Tuesday January 3rd at 7pm at 100 Williams Street in Manhattan as we join together to fight for our basic right to peaceably assemble on public property. For more information go to NYCGA.net


  1. OWS reminds me of what happened just before the civil war broke out. The root causes of the civil war can be broken down into states rights, slavery, and political and economic considerations. Seems we’re on the brink of another civil war because of all those reasons of the previous civil war except slavery of course because that was abolished. Except in the next civil war it won’t be about the North and the South, it will be against those in power, and those without it. It scares me to think it could happen, but if you believe that history repeats itself upon those who haven’t learned it’s lessons, then it’s inevitable to occur.

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