Circular firing squads and the 2012 election

Jamie at Intoxination says the firebaggers and oBots left need to stop fighting among themselves and focus on stopping the Republicans.

With a new year and one that also happens to be an election year, I would like to see one thing happen – the left stop the childish fighting. I’m addressing two very distinctive groups here – the firebaggers and the oBots. If you read any of the blogs that fall into these groups or even follow some of the members on Twitter, hardly will a day go by where the two don’t spend countless hours trying to tear each other down.

All true, I suppose. But from my point of view the firebaggers, while somwhat more left than the oBots, also implicitly believe that big government is, in totality, a good thing and not a belief that needs to be examined.

The oBots mostly ignore the rampant corruption and cronyism (MF Global, Solyndra, gunwalking, bankster bailouts, lack of criminal prosecutions against investment banks, etc. ad nauseum) The firebaggers are more outraged by it but generally think they system simply needs reforming, that fresh blood in the Democratic Party and progressive candidates can make the needed change. I don’t think that is possible. The system itself is far too corrupt. It needs replacing, not fixing.

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