Wukan revolts. The populace ejects the party

China’s Communist Party has for the first time on record, one reporter says, “lost all control.” In what is the culmination of months of unrest over a planned land seizure in Wukan, party officials have been completely ejected from the southern fishing village.

The Communist Party’s stratgey of either buying out or crushing opposition is increasingly less effective, says an analyst. Wukan could be a turning point in the eventual and I think inevitable overthrow of the corrupt Chinese government.


  1. “overthrow of corrupt Chinese government” implying that all other governments are not corrpupt?? Think USA? Think UK? Think France? Need I go on?

  2. By putting the prefix “corrupt” in front of government marks it as descriptive of that government as opposed to just any government. If we accept that there are corrupt governments and there are governments that are not corrupt then the prefix becomes necessary in certain case to make that point and differentiate between the two types. If on the other hand we accept that all governments are corrupt then the prefix should not be used to mark one government but should appear in front of the word government when ever we refer to any government, or not use it at all. I personally would prefer for it to appear before the word government when ever we refer to any government, that way we would make the point about how we feel about the lot of them.

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