Algae biofuel being tested in container ships

Right now the Maersk Kalmar is en route from Northern Europe to India running a blend of algae-biofuel and petroleum-based fuel.

At one point in the testing the ship will run on 100% biofuel. Maersk has been hugely proactive on switching to renewables. The US Navy is working with them on the test and plans to have a 100% biofuel fleet by 2016.

  • I still think water is the best fuel. I mean what better way than to harvest the sea water to fuel the ships? Cruise ships already harvest sea water and turn it into clean water for guests to drink and for cooking. Also consider that with biofuel ships still need massive storage to hold enough fuel complete their journey.

    • How would the water fuel the ship? Fuel cells?

      • Probably fuel cells. Do I need to figure everything out or can I just have a great idea?

        • It’s a great idea, Steve!

          And everyone should check out, it’s a fine site!

          • Well thank you for thinking so. We do put in a lot of work to maintain the site as with our many other sites.