New header image for Polizeros by Wood Ingham

Our pal, the multi-talented Wood Ingham in Wales, redid the header image. The previous logo was all renewable energy and no longer fit the blog as we obviously wander deeply into politics too. The new image fits the site better.

Wood has written over 50 books, including dozens for RGP game publisher White Wolf, co-founded online writers collective Jet Pack, and released his own RPG game MSG. He’s also written books and edited journals about religion, is crowd-funding his new book, writes poetry, and organizes local literary events.

In addition to his writing chops, he has serious web design and graphics skills. Please keep him in mind for any editing, writing, web or graphics work you might have, especially since the EU may have just decided to “sideline” Wales. How thoughtful of them.

Interview with Wood

(The image on the far left is Polizeros hero Peter Camejo speaking an an anti-war rally. I either took the photos myself, bought them, or assume them to be public domain)