1. There’s some tongue firmly in cheek there somewhere… oh, Wait!

    As a Mad Scientist I have, of course, long been fascinated by the Mayan timekeeping and their accuracy in recording celestial events across a half million years using only highly polished obsidian bowls with but a slight film of water. 12/21/12 is though not a unique event across geological time nor even as today so breathlessly described accurate (the north pole doesn’t actually cross the galactic equator) is never-the-less unique to humankind. That it falls on such an odd combination of numbers in the Gregorian count is certainly… odd, the odds of something physical happening – i.e. cosmic rays streaming from the galactic core turning us all into groovy beings or Jesus floating down out of the heavens on a white horse with a thousand sidekicks to carry the faithful away to paradise – are a bout as low as the odds are high that our entire economic/political/sociological structure collapses. Hollows out, if you will, leaving nothing behind as we have known it.

    The end of the world as we know it. And I feel fine.

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