Jon Huntsman’s detailed plan to end ‘Too Big to Fail’ banks

Yes, Huntsman, who is the only candidate of either party talking about limiting the power and influence of the big banks. “His premise is that if a financial institution is so big that it warrants federal bailouts, then it’s too big, full stop.”

Matt Stoller has more, saying this is a real, well-thought-out, in-depth plan. Plus, he profiles another Utah maverick, former Democratic Mayor of Salt Lake City Rocky Anderson who wants to start a Justice Party saying “This is about taking on the two corporatist, militarist parties and in the process bringing the people of this country together so they can see that their interests, by and large, are really aligned.”

Two mavericks, from Utah, with new ideas. Good.


  1. Huntsman is the only true “conservative” in today’s field. Some form of a Huntsman/Anderson (Anderson/Huntsman) would probably do very well next year.

  2. A President who really believes that climate change is a problem– that would be a nice change! Who would have guessed that we’d have to vote Republican to get it?

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