Boothill Cemetery. Tombstone AZ

Boothill Cemetery is National Historical Site Number 1. It had fallen into disrepair by the 1920’s and was restored by volunteers and the town.

The violence in Tombstone AZ during the 1880’s makes our most violent areas now seem like Girl Scout camps. The chances of dying by mine accident, gunshot, or Apache was quite high.

The town now exists mainly on the tourist trade, the big season starts after Christmas. (Trust  me, you don’t want to be there in the summer when it can easily be 110!)


    • It’s an amazing place if sobering. Tombstone’s heyday was just 130 years ago.

      Yet the legend lives on…

      I’m reading a book about Wyatt Earp now. Extraordinary man, often settled tense situations without a gun by force of personality and a simultaneous ability to calm things down.

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