Geek coder humor

From Dodgy Coder via Stack Overflow comes some fun definitions about programming (these may be impenetrable to non-geeks) . A few samples.

Smug Report – a bug submitted by a user who thinks he knows a lot more about the system’s design than he really does. Filled with irrelevant technical details and one or more suggestions (always wrong) about what he thinks is causing the problem and how we should fix it.

Refuctoring – The process of taking a well-designed piece of code and, through a series of small, reversible changes, making it completely unmaintainable by anyone except yourself.

AKA job security

Higgs-Bugson – a hypothetical bug predicted to exist based on a small number of possibly related event log entries and vague anecdotal reports from users, but it is difficult (if not impossible) to reproduce on a dev machine because you don’t really know if it’s there, and if it is there what is causing it.


  1. Reminds me of the mathematician’s reply when asked what he and his colleagues do for fun, “Sit around and tell each other off-color equations, of course.”

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