Mega California water war

[A] judge ruled that a state law committing California to save the [inland Salton Sea] no matter the cost set an unacceptable precedent for the government to pledge money to other projects it couldn’t afford.

An appeals court will decide whether to overturn the law, which could directly impact California’s use of Colorado River water and it uses by other states as well.


  1. Gotta love it: the Salton Sea is a man-made body of water in a place where there were no bodies of water. Now it needs to be protected? Environmentally, it should not exist in the first place!

  2. One of the hallmarks of Cascadia, the “boundaries” if you will, is all of our rivers flow to the sea through the northern hemisphere’s only temperate rainforest. Cascadia begins and ends at the high mountain headwaters of our rivers. This, of course, makes it physically impossible for anyone to steal our water. No pipes, no aqueducts to S. California – the lowest “pass” twixt here and there is a tad under two thousand feet above sea level. Physically impossible.

    Spot on, DJ, but when I opened your comment I expected something about the water being stolen from your part of the world. Wish we could send you some, but it is physically impossible.

    Water, the twenty-first century oil. Wars will be fought, blood spilt.

    • Thanks for the thought, Ten! But we’d have plenty if others didn’t take it from us. Whoever dropped a major city in the middle of the nearby Nevada desert wasn’t thinking too clearly!

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