Occupy and Tea Party should use old constitutional remedy

One idea that I think is perfectly tailored for the moment, is the Article V Convention method of altering or abolishing government that no longer works for the people. Certainly, the unholy tryst twist Washington and Wall Street is one of the first log jams that needs to be untangled “Gordian knot” stylie. In this case, an Article V Convention is akin to Alexander the Great’s sword.

That our government and financial sector is now deeply corrupt is something people, regardless of political affiliation, increasingly agree about. Sooner rather than later this will reach critical mass. An Article 5 Convention would be a peaceful if tumultuous way of achieving that change.

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  1. “We, The People” need to PROPOSE a Constitutional Amendment similar to the one recommended at http://www.article-v-convention.com/files/28th-amendment.html – It puts TEETH directly into a Constitutional Amendment. If 34 of the several states LIKE it, it will be RATIFIED and become High Law or a Constitutional Amendment – Neither Congress, the President or the Supreme Court can do anything about it BECAUSE “We, The People” are SOVEREIGN, and what we say goes. This is our country. Repeat: THIS IS OUR COUNTRY!

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