Watching and reporting on the police via the web

Sous-veillance: watchers socially below those who are watched, using their mobile phone people attending a demonstration in the street where policemen are beating youths can immediately take pictures of the scene & diffuse them through the web.

Lt. John Pike is a perfect example of how social media can not only chronicle brutality by police but can also make it go viral in hours – and then harass him constantly by publishing his home address, email, and phone numbers.

(The link is from France, obviously protesters in the States don’t see themselves as socially below the police.)

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  1. Surveillance is being watched from above; sous-veillance involves those who are usually the targets of surveillance watching back–and having the means to broadcast what they see. Gil Scott Heron’s old song “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” has been made obsolete; revolutions ARE televised now. Power to the people!

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