The missing $600 million at MF Global. Multiple choice test

Three weeks after MF Global cratered and nearly $600 million vanished into the ether out of supposedly sacrosanct customer accounts, hundreds of regulators and criminal investigators say they still have no freaking idea what happened or where the money went.

Multiple choice test.

That $600 million can disappear

a) is just one of those things
b) is very sad but the feds will find it!
c) b) and I believe in the Tooth Fairy too
d) clearly demonstrates the magic of the marketplace

Why haven’t they found the money yet?

a) bookkeeping errors and accounting oversights
b) anyone who says a) is a liar or a fool
c) organized crime took it
d) investment banks took it
e) c) and d) are the same thing
f) they know who took it but aren’t saying

That this could even happen

a) shows how pathetic our supposed safeguards are
b) indicates corruption in regulatory agencies
c) hey b) what are you, some kind of commie agitator?
d) hey c) sounds like you’re in on the scam, asshole

After weeks of intrigue, the feds believe they have a hot lead into where the money went.