Direct report from OWS at Zuccotti Park. Polizeros podcast.

David Buccola spoke eloquently about Occupy Wall Street while standing in the rain at Zuccotti Park. He says this is what we’ve been waiting for, a viral mass movement with no leaders.

OWS is still growing in NYC, with a really big protest planned for Nov. 17. On Tuesday night, several got arrested for nonviolent civil disobedience at Occupy Sotheby’s in solidarity with locked-out Teamsters. In another event, OWS learned of a tenement in Harlem owned by a slumlord. It had a broken boiler. He refused to fix it. They occupied the building until the boiler was repaired. Homeless people are joining in, and sometimes getting off drugs and alcohol too. On Wednesday night, two people were arrested for dancing on the sidewalk (?). Last night, dozens danced on the sidewalks and streets as large contingents of police followed them.

If you want to do something at OWS, just do it. That’s the message. And it really is run on genuine principles of democracy.

We talked about OWS for 45 minutes. Give a listen. This is directly from someone who is there and participating in it.

After David went to dry off, Keith and I concluded with discussion about the insanity of bombing Iran, Penn State protecting the institution at all costs, and the continuing tragi-comedy in the Eurozone.

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“The ending of an amazing march asserting our right to Square Dance in the City. Emma Goldman would be proud.” (posted by David on Youtube)

PS Emma Goldman famously said, if I can’t dance I don’t want to be in your revolution.