Occupy The Constitution! OWS has a platform

The Constitution Working Group of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) has produced the following Statement of Beliefs as a platform for recommended future actions to solve the Nation’s problems, including BAILOUTS, CORPORATE PERSONHOOD, WAR, UNSOUND MONEY AND DEBT.

The Constitution Working Group asks that these Beliefs now be considered by ALL People in and out of the Occupy movement. Ponder these and make known your approval:

Here’s a few

  • The Constitution is not a Menu;
  • The way our system of governance is working is in sharp contrast to the way it is designed to work;
  • Most of what is causing our National distress NOW can be traced back to violations of the Constitution.

Co-founder of the original Tea Party Karl Denninger on where the Tea Party lost it and why OWS is stepping into that void.

So into the vacuum steps “Occupy Wall Street”, and out of the Constitution working group comes this. Not bomb-throwing anarchy, not some sort of wild proposal to re-write The Constitution to be a leftist, Marxist dream ticket, but an actual statement of principles that is fully in concordance with SAM ADAMS, THOMAS JEFFERSON and the rest of those who were part of the REAL Tea Party.

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