Yuck. What Occupy Wall Street can do for Barack Obama, says Amy Goodman

Wall Street firms were among Obama’s biggest donors in 2008, and will be again in 2011. He needs us as a counter-weight

Amy Goodman in a Guardian  op-ed veers dangerously into let’s-jack-OWS territory, saying it should be used as a way to influence Obama. While OWS may be influencing Obama, that’s hardly the primary goal. This isn’t about party politics. We need structural change and both parties are corrupt and complicit. This is what she ignores and it hardly seems by omission. Goodman is morphing into a liberal Democrat. I don’t care what she’s done in the past. With this piece of drivel she’s now a Democratic Party apparatchik and will soon be saying things like I agree with your goals not your tactics while attempting to channel genuine dissent into the Democratic Party where it will of course be ignored. Oh wait, she’s already mostly doing that already, isn’t she?

Some of the comments to her Op-Ed are scathing. I agree with them.

The only thing I’d like to see OWS do for Obama is bring him down. Ms. Goodman, the limits of your liberalish politics are showing.
It’s not about Obama. That’s the point. The party political game is theatre. The oligarchs have to be brought down and depowered. Obama and the Dems are not going to do that. Obama’s economic policies are to the right of the Tea Party.
‘He needs us as a counter-weight’
That is one of the dumbest statements I have ever read. Like a refreshingly increasing percentage of the population, I don’t judge on simplistic left-right lines. I simply judge on clever-stupid. Next.