The brewing storm and a trend that will last for the rest of this decade

What is now happing is a rebellion rather than a protest, and that’s why there are no explicit demands. All rebellions are basically spiritual — about “righteousness.” When a critical mass of people feels deeply wronged, they rise up in anger. Their demand is wholesale change.

The people in charge of governing have violated their charge and have lost the spiritual basis of their authority. All they retain is the material basis, which ultimately rests on the state’s monopoly on violence. However, resort to violence has seldom worked for long against a determined and focused populace that feels deeply wronged. The velvet revolutions proved this.

The controlling class across the world is corrupt and degraded. I’ve decided to call them that rather than the more common “elites” because there’s nothing elite or special about them except for their prospensity to poison political processes to further their plunder. This is happening in both the US and China and is independent of the political ideologies they use as cover. Basically, they are thugs and are increasingly losing their authority to rule because people worldwide see how degenerate, useless, and parasitic they are.

They are on the wrong side of history and they know it.

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  1. Gosh, it wasn’t all that long ago I was dismissed as a crank to suggest that perhaps indeed there were a thousand, perhaps ten thousand, year world wide banking and corporate conspiracy to rule the world. Though it would be gratifying to think we “cranks” may had some influence in “waking folks up”, pragmatically despite the concerted effort by the controlling classes and its corporate media to off-handedly dismiss the notion we are left with the conviction that there are more of us out there than previously given credence.

    People aren’t just “waking up” to this, they’re just speaking out what we have all known all along.

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