The first party to one million in Utah is No Party

Not to be confused with the Party Of No, the first bloc of Utah voters to amass 1 million voters will be the unaffiliated or as we prefer independent voters–no party or party of no thanks. On May 31 the independent voter total was 987,244. Today, October 21, 2011 the total is 998,069. Harold Camping may have predicted the end of the world on Friday, but Microsoft Excel is telling me that independents will officially reach the 1 million mark at 8:22 am on December 13, 2011.

Independent voter growth was roughly twice that of Republican voters during the period.

Snapshot of growth:


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  1. Here in Oregon we have the option to register as “No Party Affiliation” voters, but because there is an actual “Independent” party here (perhaps in Utah as well) it is important to clarify that we are Non Affiliated, not “Independents”. Else we get a ton of the same mail the other parties throw out but not necessarily as well written.

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