Oh gosh, that’s reassuring

New Libya leader pledges to impose Sharia law

Our new allies in Afghanistan and Iraq have not only imposed radical Islamic groups but denied women and minorities basic rights. I am not sure we can afford any more successes in our foreign policies.

Well, as long as as they hire US companies to do reconstruction, then the plundering class here will be happy. Washington can always trot out Hillary to make meaningless noises about how we expect them to work towards democracy, respect the rights of minorities and women, and yadda blah blah woof woof while doing nothing to actually encourage them to do so.

I’ve heard no demurs or protests from D.C. about Qaddafi’s final few minutes, which apparently included torture and sodomy with a knife. Goodness, we don’t want to upset the warlords there who might then choose other countries to do the reconstruction.

Let me be clear. Qadaffi was a thug. But torturing a torturer makes you a torturer. Torture should always be opposed and spoken out against. Complicity with torture by silence is also despicable.


  1. I agree, the casual approach by the Western leaders to the brutal torture and murder of an old man, irrespective of what type of old man, is disgusting. He was human and as such any civilised community must treat him with that dignity. NATO backed warlords and religious fundamentalists to get their hands on the oil and of course bombing the shit out of a country is always good business for the corporate construction industry, no matter the hell that the people have to live through for generations to come.
    My previous comments on this; http://radicalglasgowblog.blogspot.com/2011/10/from-bloodless-coup-to-bloody-death.html

  2. Where does the info re. Qadaffi’s last moments of life come from – source?


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