The drones are coming home

The targets of these killings are decided on in secret, the operations are planned in secret, and the rationale for killing them is secret. In fact, no government official will even go on record to acknowledge that the United States was involved in the killings at all. Without a public check on this power, the rest of us are destined to become “would-be neutrals” in the endless terror war.

I’ll be a bit more blunt. The war pigs have a new toy and the use of drones will inevitably expand until they are used in the US too. Of course they will only be used on our native soil against Certified Evildoers, like drug cartels and terrorists, except for the tragic times when innocents are accidentally killed or an Adminstration wants to eliminate political enemies. Oh sorry, that’s just crazy paranoia, isn’t it and surely that Can’t Happen Here.

We need to stop murder from the sky with no oversight. It sets a really bad precedent.


  1. That’s not all; the command centers have a keylogger virus that they can’t get rid of. Clearly, someone is learning how to control them. I suspect our drones will be hijacked in the near future.

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