Anti-Semitic protest signs at OWS

Yes, the signs are despicable. Yet there are very few of them. But of course a few loonies is what the MSM and enemies of OWS focus on.

The problem for organizers is, there’s no easy way to get anyone to remove a sign. You can’t grab it from them or push them out. That’s called assault.

Occasionally during anti-Iraq war protests in LA, someone had a repellent off-message sign. You can ask them to leave, while maybe surrounding them. But even that can get dicey. And they don’t have to pay the slightest attention to you, either. If they’re part of a well-organized group, then it gets more potentially divisive and explosive. You could, for example, surround the group and ask them to leave. But guaranteed, others there would object to what you’re doing and you might get, say, a bunch of Black Bloc anarchists screaming at you for being fascists while you try to remove the sign while the MSM cheerily films it…