One headline says it all

Wall Street protests go global; riots hit Rome

Doug Henwood was there in NY

No doubt you’ve all heard and read about the huge and wonderful Occupy Wall Street satellite rally in Times Square this afternoon.

This crowd was anything but the shiftless hippies of Ann Coulter’s imagining. I bet a lot of them were Democrats, which means that the process of productive disillusionment I’d hoped for in the summer of 2008 is finally kicking into gear, after a long delay.

That’s why Bloomberg hasn’t moved to break up OWS. He doesn’t have enough support from the populace to tell the police to crack heads. This is crucial. Public opinion has dramatically shifted. OWS is the leading edge of what could be genuine, serious protest with the real possibility of triggering transformational change here.

For the first time in a very long time, the elites realize they are mostly alone with little support from the populace.

Not only is the protest global, the corruption of the elites is also global.

What the ruling oligarchy must now be aware of is that we are aware. We are aware of their lies, we are aware of their corruption… We are aware that the awareness is global and the world is changing and we are aware that we are that change.