Both parties caused financial crisis says Tea Party founder

The co-founder of the original Tea Party, Karl Denninger, rips Pajamas Media apart for claiming the financial crisis was caused primarily by an interfering government.

Bald lies from the Right (This Is IMPORTANT)

Let’s not kid ourselves here folks. There was no “take-over” of Wall Street by Washington. No, both Wall Street and Washington DC actively conspired to produce this:

What happened in the many years leading up to 2008, and what has continued since, is an organized looting operation conducted under the auspices, with and through the explicit consent and participation of both Wall Street and The Feral Federal Government.

The lies are not confined to one party or the other. Indeed, it is almost impossible to assess “greater” blame on the left or right. The fact of the matter is that both major political parties actively conspired with not only Wall Street but the Federal Reserve to put in place monetary and fiscal policies, along with intentional head-turning to outrageous practices that constituted pyramid schemes throughout our economy that have enriched the few at the gross and outrageous expense of the common man.

He is in sympathy with OWS and I completely agree. This isn’t about left or right. Both parties are equally corrupt, bought-off, and complicit. Pretending otherwise is a fool’s game. That’s why OWS is so important. This is the first viral, mass protest in decades that is genuinely scaring the elites. More, please.