We have less than a week to make history: Mark Miller CAN become MA’s first ever Green state representative!

Last year, Mark Miller ran for state representative with the Green Party in Massachusetts.  In a two way race with a Democrat, he got 45% of the vote.  Now, after that same Democrat got appointed to another job, he’s running again.  The election is October 18, and Mark has already received the endorsement (and with good reason, he recently stood with striking postal workers, for instance) of the nurses’ union, the UAW, and Planned Parenthood, among other people and groups.  He’s also raised more money than anyone else in the race (there are four candidate this time).

So now it’s our job to push him over the edge to victory.  We know that the Democratic Party – and, it goes without saying, the Republicans – is corrupt to the core.  We know that more competitive elections and more political ideas are needed.  We know that a credible alternative will do just that, and we know that one of the key ways to build up a political alternative is to elect officials to state office.

I’m going to keep this short and simple:  if Mark is elected next Tuesday, he will be the first Green state representative in the country since 2009 and the highest ranking Green in the nation.  Massachusetts will join places like Canada, Britain, Germany, and Colombia in a recent explosive growth in Green Parties worldwide.  We have a chance to make history – so please, donate whatever you can afford to Mark Miller’s campaign and if you live close enough, join me in driving over to Pittsfield, MA and volunteering for the campaign (I’ll be going this Sunday).  IT IS UP TO US to create a political alternative to the corrupt two party system – no one will do it for us and this is currently one of the best opportunities in the country to do so!

Website: Mark Miller 2011