Solyndra: Incompetence or corruption?

This is from the hard right FrontPageMag. While they can be hugely aggro, this article is just-the-facts-ma’am. Indeed, when the facts are so damning, there’s no need to go nuclear. The right has been doing an exemplary job of investigating the Solyndra bankruptcy while the left has been too often silent or defensive.

Steve Spinner, who worked for the DOE’s loan department repeatedly hectored department officials to approve the package. ”How [expletive] hard is this? What is he waiting for?” Spinner wrote in an Aug, 28, 2009 email to a DOE official. “I have the OVP (Office of the Vice President) and WH (the White House) breathing down my neck on this. They are getting itchy to get involved.” On the same day, Spinner emails to the same official and told him to ”walk over there and force him to give you the answer,” referring to the specific DOE official who was evaluating Solyndra’s loan.

Spinner’s wife is a partner at the law firm that represented Solyndra on the DOE loan. He had promised to recuse himself but obviously didn’t. Did I mention the Obama Administration appointed him and he was a big fundraiser for Obama in 2008?

Look, this was crony capitalism and political favoritism. It needs to be exposed regardless of which party is doing it.

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