We’ve been occupied by Wall Street for years

@OccupyTheHood, Occupy Wall Street from adele pham on Vimeo.

American Leftist

The man in this video, Malik from Occupy the Hood… initially went to Occupy Wall Street to observe, noted that figures like Cornel West and Russell Simmons supported it, and, then, based upon this integrated experience, enthusiastically joined the effort. Occupy the Hood is now involved in the organizing of occupations in Detroit and New Orleans. Now, I’ve seen comments on the Internet where people have enigrated Russell Simmons for his support because of his alignment with Obama and mainstream Democratic Party politics, but, in this instance, Simmons helped motivate Malik to actively participate in Occupy Wall Street.

The more we join together, the stronger we become. Sure, there are many that want to jack OWS and make it a fund-raising tool for the Democrats. But that doesn’t have to happen and plenty are on guard against it.

OWS is home-grown, viral, and growing hugely fast. Politicians don’t understand it and are afraid of it. Good.