Occupy Together meetups are happening in 862+ cities now

That’s right, 862+.

Protests spread to Trenton, Jersey City, Philadelphia, Charleston, and many other cities.

Meanwhile, the parasites and maggots begin to try to co-opt the movement. Check out the odious Occupy Party. This smells like a Democratic Party ploy to me. They tell you nothing about who they are or who is behind them yet pretend they are part of Occupy. They aren’t. Groups like MoveOn will pretend to be a pal to OWS as they attempt to turn the movement into a fund-raising arm for the Democratic Party and tone down all those crazy demands. But neither they or the Democratic party want real change. Instead they want to co-opt OWS and defuse it.

Wall Street protests: A good place to start, say Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The protest movement called Occupy Wall Street has struck a nerve. The demonstrators’ goals may be vague, but their grievances are very real. If our country is to break out of this horrendous recession and create the millions of jobs we desperately need, if we are going to create a financially-stable future, we must take a hard look at Wall Street and demand fundamental reforms. I hope the protesters provide the spark that ignites that process.

Sanders, to my knowledge, is the only member of Congress openly supporting OWS. Where are the others?

Orrin Hatch says Occupy Wall Street rallies will turn to ‘riots’. He may be right. But we didn’t start the fire. A corrupt Wall Street and a captured federal government that is oblivious to the 99% did.