The little White House that couldn’t

Political Wire

Despite its faults, Joe Nocera says Ron Suskind’s Confidence Men is “tough-minded in its assessment of the men (and they were all men) whose advice the president listened to when he first took office; penetrating in its analysis of why the administration’s approach to the country’s economic ills has been so lackluster; and ruthless in its judgment of Barack Obama himself, who Suskind bluntly says ‘wasn’t ready’ to be president, so deficient in even the most rudimentary leadership skills that it took him over a year to realize that his White House was in chaos.”

This may explain why Obama is such a non-existent leader. He hasn’t got the skills.

Nor does he have the will or desire to help Main Street instead of Wall Street. So instead he’ll push for a dead jobs bill simply because he thinks such empty political posturing will help him get re-elected.

In a time where we need politicians with vision and courage we instead, on both sides, have craven midgets oblivious to the needs of the country, groveling for campaign “contributions.”