Arizona sheriff says ATF gunwalking is accomplice to murder

“If someone gives a gun to someone knowing they’re going to commit murder, guess what we call them? We call them accomplices” – Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.

He says over 200 people are dead from the guns ATF let cross the border. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered on U.S. soil and three such guns were found nearby. Babeu pointblank says ATF are accomplices to murder and the guilt goes way up the food chain, especially considering the US AG for Arizona just resigned. This puts it one step away from US AG Eric Holder. Further, no law enforcement agency has ever let guns walk like this and even worse, the guns weren’t tracked at all.

Babeu has always struck me a straight-talking no-bullshit guy and he had to know he would make serious enemies by saying this.

Via Borderland Beat