Demands for the Occupy movement. My suggestions

Bring back Glass-Steagall. Its repeal, cheerfully ushered in by Bill Clinton, directly led to the current financial crisis because it lifted decades-long prohibitions against banks getting too big.

Regulate the vast market in unregulated derivative trading. Better yet, ban it completely. This includes offshore trading in derivatives by US companies.

Enforce the law. Are we a banana republic or not? Thousands of banking executives went to prison during the S&L scandal. Not one has even been indicted during our current crisis.

Let the insolvent banks go bankrupt. The banksters pretend to be capitalists. They are not. Real capitalists say let the damaged die so something new can be born.

Stimulate Main Street with massive infrastructure spending, including road, bridges, smart grid, fast Internet everywhere, etc..

Finance the stimulus by ending the wars. Just bring the troops home. We do not have to be cop to the world and it’s quite obvious we are failing at doing so anyway.

What are your ideas?


  1. I think it is about time we the 99% stand up and yell from the top of our lungs how fed up we are with how this country is spiraling out of control. I am sick of watching the government bail out these white collar criminals. I am sick of our tax dollars funding redicilous things. I am sick of the government spending my money !!!! I am sick of the illegal immigrants !!! I am just sick and tired of the nonsense that is happening. It must stop NOW!!!

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