I think we got an Occupy movement

Los Angeles welcomed Obama on Monday in a dress rehearsal for Saturday

And can you, can you imagine fifty people a day,I said
fifty people a day walking in singin a bar of Alice’s Restaurant and
walking out. And friends they may think it’s a movement.
— Arlo Guthrie

Clay Claiborne on WL Central on the upcoming Occupy Los Angles this Saturday and the dozens of other Occupy protests about to happen elsewhere too. (I know Clay a bit from the antiwar protest days in LA. He’s a tireless organizer and all-around good guy.)

There was a spirited 3 hour meeting Thursday evening in Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles that was attended by about 200 activist to plan Occupy Los Angeles which will begin 10:00am Saturday morning, October 1st with a peaceful occupation at the Los Angeles City Hall. This was the latest in a series of planning General Assemblies that have been meeting in the park regularly at 7:00PM to plan the Los Angeles movement in solidarity with the Occupy Wall St. action against corporate greed and the many other occupations that are taking place around the world that also include Occupy Boston, Occupy Chicago, Occupy Denver and dozens of others.

Lots more in his article including links, so click on through.

From his listserv:

The call for these occupations originated with WLCental on March 10, 2011 as United States Day of Rage [USDOR]. While I have been writing about Libya and the Arab Spring, Alexa O’Brien and others on our staff have been working tirelessly to make this happen. Frankly, I was “yea of little faith” but now it has surpassed our wildest expectations.

It’s gone viral, folks! We got us a movement. Let’s build it.

PS. Union airline pilots occupy Wall Street