Polizeros podcast tonight

Concluding our three-part discussion of solutions.

Foreign Policy reforms:

A resurgent Peace Corps so that practical things can again be done by people who don’t carry guns, ending wars and occupations that don’t address core interests, realistic “future threat” and “core interest” assessments, not always reaching for the bigger hammer as soon as possible.

Divest ourselves of “ownership” of the Middle East in part by developing the energy policies listed above. It is no secret that much of our interest in the region derives from its abundance of oil. Especially divest ourselves of our relationship with the Saudi monarchy–the same one that makes all our claims of caring about human rights hypocritical.

Make a sustained and serious effort at encouraging reconciliation between Israel and Palestine. If, after 2 or 3 years of sustained effort, progress cannot be made, divest ourself of support of BOTH sides.

Don’t view China’s rise as zero-sum. It is not something we can “manage.”

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With Steve Hynd , Keith Boyea, and myself.