Zucchini harvest time. Be scared, be very scared

"Sneak some zucchini onto your neighbors' porch day" from outdoorPDK on Flickr

Garrison Keillor says this is the only time of year when people who live in the country lock their car doors. Why? Because you may innocently run an errand only to return to your car to discover – oh the horror – 20 lbs. of zucchini in a bag on the passenger seat. Worse, it may be the same bag you furtively left on a neighbor’s doorstep the day before trying to get rid of your massive over production of home-grown zucchini.

Three Many Cooks understands:

Help, someone just dropped a bag of zucchini at my door.

They do offer some yummy recipes, but there’s only so much fried zucchini, zucchini bread, zucchini in pasta that one can eat. And some of them are the size of small baseball bats. Maybe they could be home defense weapons?