Solyndra news

Solyndra CEO touted progress to lawmakers just before bankruptcy.

Lawmakers are seriously honked off by this, as the CEO rather badly misled them. Republicans say the investigations will continue.

In rush to assist a solar company, U.S. missed signs.

“Missed”? Or didn’t care? Was this the “Chicago way”?

Solyndra’s collapse is a tale of too much dazzle.

Their technology was indeed dazzling. Their execution and controls were lacking. Few paid attention to warnings from ratings agencies and analysts.

Solyndra employees: Company suffered from mismanagement, heavy spending.

The apparently sweetheart 1% interest rate that Solyndra got (which was far lower than other solar companies) and the $75 million private loan being made senior to the government loan need investigating, especially considering the private loan was made by a company controlled by major Democratic donor and fundraiser George Kaiser.