Obama’s jobs platitudes can be difficult to stomach

The Oklahoman is not impressed with Obama’s jobs plan. Welfare for the rich, it seems to me.

Washington is paying $2,571 per resident of three Oklahoma hamlets for broadband connections. These citizens (fewer than 600 altogether) won’t get the money themselves. It goes to large telecom firms. But please don’t call that corporate welfare. Surely you know that only Republican fat cats cook up that kind of sauce.

It’s difficult to see how this kind of pork and patronage creates any serious amounts of jobs.Obama has a way of talking populist while sending more money to the politically connected and already wealthy.

As for his jobs speech today, it was indeed mildly populist. But let’s see what he actually does (if anything) to fight for it. And he made no mention of the cause of the recession or of prosecuting the financial industry criminals responsible.